In insert mode, using beam-cursor, the column number is, at least for me, not intuitive. Having for example the text:


and using %v on statusline.

If cursor is before a it say 1, after e it say 6 etc. Perhaps only me being difficult, and at least picky, but how to show one less on status bar in Vim? I would like it to show length of line / string.

Before a = 0, after e = 5 etc. In normal mode, with block-cursor, the column number is fine.

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One way to solve it is to use a custom function for status line:

fun! ImColnr()
    return printf("%d", mode() == "i" ? col(".") - 1 : col("."))

set statusline=%{ImColnr()}

In my usage I have:

fun! ImColnr()
    return printf(",%04d", mode() == "i" ? col(".") - 1 : col("."))

as I like fixed with with leading zeroes. My statusline, (somewhat bloated), in full is:

set statusline=%F%m%r%h%w[%L][%{&ff}]%{(&fenc!=''?&fenc:&enc)}%y[%p%%][%04l%{ImColnr()}]\ \ \ F[%2n]:\ %t

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