I'm trying to edit a file on a remote host using vim scp://user@host//path/to/file However, vim just displays "Stopped" and crashes. Here is the log thats produces when I run vim -V9 scp://user@host//path/to/file


  • I think V9 might be a bit too much, and it looks like the log got cut off at the end when searching for netrw? – D. Ben Knoble Feb 21 at 16:54
  • Tristan, I just edited did a remote edit with scp://.... No problem. I tested with Vim 8.1.946 on Ubuntu. The log might be cut off because of the crash. – Ralf Feb 21 at 18:25
  • As this a crash, you should consider to open a issue at Vims github project. You'll need to provide other information, like exact version, operating system etc. – Ralf Feb 22 at 13:45

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