I am trying to write a wrapper shell script that is supposed to launch vim with a vimwiki in current directory:


gvim -c "let g:vimwiki_list = [{'path': '$PWD/'}] | normal ,ww"

The normal command works (the comma is my custom remapped <Leader>), but it doesn't honor the custom path option.

To reproduce the problem, just run the above script somewhere not in home directory. At startup, vim will ask to create ~/vimwiki instead of using current working directory. Yet after I skip that question and do

:echo g:vimwiki_list

in vim's command line, it displays the correct current directory. So it's not a problem of the correct value of $PWD getting passed to vim, I use the bash variable inside double quotes so this part is fine.

How to debug and eventually fix it?

I had a customized g:vimwiki_list in my vimrc, but I also tried with defaults by commenting that part, the problem still persists (Is it true that settings passed via command line the way I did aren't overwritten by the ones hardcoded in vimrc anyway?).

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The commands given with -c are executed after the first file is loaded. I guess that at that time, vimwiki is already initialized and asked for creation of the directory ~/vimwiki.

Use --cmd .... This commands are executed before vimrc is loaded. So the variable should be set at the time vimwiki is initializing.


gvim --cmd "let g:vimwiki_list = [{'path': '$PWD/'}]" -c "normal ,ww"

So g:vimwiki_list is assigned before vimrc is sourced and ,ww is executed after the first file was loaded.

See :help --cmd and :help -c.

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