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How I can activate option which will display my pressed keystrokes or executed commands in normal mode on the screen?

Especially it would be good, if it would give a slight info what specific keystroke did (like in case of errors).

I've tried to use :set showcmd, but it doesn't show single keystrokes like w, b, j, etc.

I know it's possible to show a command history by q:, but I'm looking for some method of displaying them automatically on the screen while using/pressing them.

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Possibly related: Can I see the history of key presses in normal mode?

That question is about displaying the history of the commands in normal mode. If you are asking about the ex command history, then do q:

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    Thanks, but you've to check the command history every time manually, but I'm looking for some method of displaying them on the screen automatically. – kenorb Feb 18 '15 at 15:26

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