Imagine I have the above text, I want to change occurences of internationalization to 11internationalization or internati22onalization

How to do that with gn text object? When I search internationalization and cgn, it will delete the whole word. I don't want to type again the long word, I just want to do some small changes to long word.

How can I do that?

  • What makes you think that you can do that with gn ? The doc reads Search forward for the last used search pattern, like with 'n', and start Visual mode to select the match.. Maybe what you are looking for is f and t so for example you can do n to go to next result, ` fi` to go to the second occurrence of i and i22 to insert 22. And you can make it a macro if you need to repeat that. – statox Feb 11 at 8:42
  • I agree with statox. there is possibility of question is not clearly conveying the intention of asker. you are asking why cgn deletes then it means change goto n use fi (find i) or ti (till i). – Devidas Feb 11 at 8:51

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