I have this substitution, which does not work:

exe 's/<<\(.*\)\%(,.*\)\?>>/<<\1,'.system('ark headings \1 | head -1').'>>'

What I want to do is:

  • capture some expression within double angle brackets: <<\(.*\)>>

  • paste opening double angle brackets back, followed by expression and comma: <<\1,

  • and then paste it after filtering it through some external command: system('foo \1 | head -1 | cut -f1')

  • follow it with the closing double angle brackets: >>

But I can't get the expression to work...


The system function is called before the search-replace is executed. It is called to generate the command.

What you can do is:

s/<<\(.*\)\%(,.*\)\?>>/\='<<'.submatch(1).','.system('ark headings '.submatch(1).' | head -1').'>>'/

The \= tells Vim that the substitute string is a expression, that should be evaluated on every replace.

See :help sub-replace-expression and :help submatch().

BTW: I'm not sure what <<\(.*\)\%(,.*\)\?>> should match. The \(.*\) will match everything until the >>. I guess you want <<\([^,]*\).*>> or <<\([^,]*\).\{-}>>.

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