I'm learning Vimscript in Learn Vimscript the Hard way and trying an exercise. Here is this:

The lines "underlined" with = characters are treated as headings by Markdown.

:onoremap ih :<c-u>execute "normal! ?^==\\+$\r:nohlsearch\rkvg_"<cr>

By this, Vim will delete the heading of whatever section you're in and put you in insert mode ("change inside heading").

Markdown can also have headings delimited with lines of - characters. Adjust the regex in these mappings to work for either type of heading.

So I changed the regex(?^==\\+$) to this:


Then replaced it. However, this regex can't find neither '-' headings nor '=' them.

What is the correct regex I want in this case?

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The original regex is


which means, searching backwards (?) for start-of-line (^), followed by =, followed by another = which can be repeated several times (\+ qualifier, followed by end-of-line ($).

The backslash needs to be doubled, because the regex is embedded into a double-quoted string, read :h expr-quote why this is needed).

If you want to allow either - or = to find the headers, you would change the regex to be somthing like this:


which comes down to, search start of line (^), any of the chars - or = at least once (\+) and end of line ($).

Note, that this would also find e.g. lines consisting of: =-=-=- If you would like to prevent this, you would need to capture the first character and make sure it comes several times:


Note: remember to double the backslashes, if you put this into a double quoted string.

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