Would like to have all content of the folded block, instead of only the first line.

My current foldsettings are:

set foldmethod=marker
set foldmarker={,}

Example how my data is structured:


Current folds look like:

+--  5 lines: ---------------------------

Ideally folds look like:

{  cows  pigs  chickens  } --------------

Have searched on the net for a while, unfortunately didn't succeed.

  • That's not what I'd call folding. In VIm folding hides text/content. You're describing something different...compression or reformatting of text/content, I guess.
    – B Layer
    Jan 28, 2019 at 3:52

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The option foldtext defines a expression, that is evaluated to create the text displayed for a closed fold. By default this is set to the build in function foldtext().

You can create a custom function, to create the text displayed on a closed fold. The documentation :help fold-foldtext contains an example. Note that the resulting text is truncated to fit window width.


An example of probably what you want:

enter image description here

set foldmethod=marker
set foldmarker={,}

set foldtext=MyFoldText()
fu! MyFoldText()
    let lineNr = v:foldstart
    let text = ""
    while (strlen(text) < winwidth(0) - v:foldlevel - 2) && lineNr <= v:foldend
        let text .= getline(lineNr).' '
        let lineNr += 1

    let text = v:folddashes . text
    if strlen(text) > winwidth(0) - 5 
        let text = strpart(text, 0, winwidth(0) - 5).' … }'
    return text

It is not 100% bulletproof, probably will make your vim slow. I could make it more generic (you see there are some figures I manually hardcoded) but I will leave it for you to tinker.

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