I am using Neovim on Windows with Cmder terminal. Everything works quite well except that it seems that I can not switch windows and resize window using my mouse even though I have set mouse=a in my config file.

This is my environment:

  • nvim --version: 0.3.2
  • Vim (version: 8.1.22): behaves differently
  • Operating system/version: Windows 10 version 1803
  • Terminal name/version: Cmder, version 1.3.10
  • $TERM: In cmder settings -> Startup -> Environment, I use set TERM=xterm-256color, echo &term inside Neovim shows builtin_xterm (for Vim it shows xterm-256color).

Steps to reproduce using nvim -u NORC

  1. Use the following minimum setting in init.vim:
set mouse=a
  1. open nvim with the above setting:
nvim -u init.vim
  1. Open two files side by side in nvim and use mouse click to try to change panes. try to use mouse drag to resize the window

But for vim, using mouse click to change windows works (using mouse drag to resize window does not work though).

For nvim-qt (using nvim-qt -- -u init.vim to open it), I can switch windows and resize window with mouse correctly.

Have you met with this issue? How to solve it?

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