I like using marks, but I wouldn't mind having a visual indicator of some sort that maybe shows me "you've dropped mark x here", perhaps a letter in the gutter or some sort of line or character highlighting.

Is there a plugin or something for that that works well? I didn't come up with anything on search.


Is there a plugin or something for that that works well?

Why yes there is! I use kshenoy/vim-signature, and highly recommend it.

From the README:

vim-signature is a plugin to place, toggle and display marks.

Apart from the above, you can also

  • Navigate forward/backward by position/alphabetical order
  • Displaying multiple marks (upto 2, limited by the signs feature)
  • Placing custom signs !@#$%^&*() as visual markers

And here is an example of what it looks like:

enter image description here

Although I don't typically use the more advanced features, I just use it for the visual display of marks.

  • @ nst0022 That screenshot is from the README, not my setup, so I couldn't really help you. However, you could look through kshenoy/dotfiles maybe? – DJMcMayhem Jan 14 at 16:59

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