Reason for my question: It's not the first time I have cancelled my arrow keys in vim, and the improvments in my typing is again tremendous. I wish to keep arrow keys non effective inside vim.

HOWEVER: Like the last time, I stumble on the same thing that made me remove the arrow disabling.

I cannot navigate between the proposals of autocompletion. I simply can't if my arrows are "cancelled". Hjkl are taken as letters, not move commands here.

what should be corrected in my .vimrc file ?:

noremap  <Up> ""
noremap! <Up> <Esc>
noremap  <Down> ""
noremap! <Down> <Esc>
noremap  <Left> ""
noremap! <Left> <Esc>
noremap  <Right> ""
noremap! <Right> <Esc>

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You should be able to use ctrlp and ctrln for the previous/next item on the list.


I answer my own question after several years as I have been using this key combination for some time

As said in previous answer:

  • Ctrl-N: Move the selection down to the next suggestion
  • Ctrl-P: Move the selection up to the previous suggestion

It can also be practical to use in the same manner:

  • Tab: Cycle through the available completions (forward)
  • Shift-Tab: Cycle through the available completions (backward)

But I would like to add that these other two are just extremely useful, namely the C-Y for validation

  • C-Y: Accept the current selection and insert it into the buffer
  • C-L: Refresh the suggestions (in case they change dynamically)

I used to continue typing after selecting with Ctrl-P Ctrl-N or Tab Shift-Tab, like Enter or anything, which in many case forced me to do a correction: Ctrl-Y just accept the current selection as is

Of course Esc just close the current selection menu without selecting anything

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