I'm trying to write a command for adding a Python import line. The problem is that what's added it import a:name and not the module name.

Here's the code

func! PyImport(name)
    silent !isort -q -a a:name %
comm! -nargs=1 PyImport call PyImport(<f-args>)

I guess I need to someone expand a:name, couldn't find how to do it. Thanks!

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Try it like this:

silent execute('!isort -q -a ' . a:name . ' ' . expand("%:p"))

This executes the given string. The expand("%:p") creates the fully qualified file name for the current file.

BTW: I would recommend to add set autoload before executing and set noautoload after it. That way the file will automatically be reloaded after execute. No need for e then.

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