On macbook keyboard, there is only one ctrl key on the left. I am so used to for half page down using the right ctrl key that it is driving me crazy. Any way to remap the left key to ctrl?


While (post-experimentation and reading) I have found no way to remap <Left> to send Ctrl, I can at least point you in two different directions:

Simple mapping

You can "simulate" this with some mappings for common tasks, like

nnoremap <silent> <Left>d <C-d>

The downside is that you'll need to do this for any and all commands you want to map.

OS Keymap

While off-topic here, the internet and other stackexchange sites have lots of information on changing your keyboard layout (especially for modifier keys).

For example, I use CapsLock to send Ctrl: it saves me a lot of pinky strain.

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