I'd like to see where page breaks are going to occur when I print (either using :hardcopy or a2ps).

Is there something analogous to :set colorcolumn=78 ?

Except that the line count should get reset if a ^L (formfeed character) is encountered.

  • what do you mean with line count?. You can of course highlight ^L using the matchadd() family of commands – Christian Brabandt Dec 17 '18 at 7:46
  • Say I determine that 100 lines fit on a printed page, then I'd like every 100th line highlighted. I.e. lines 1, 101, 201, ... . Unless there's a formfeed character, in which case I'd like marks every 100 lines after that character. E.g. 1, 101, 201, (FF in line 245), 346, 446, 546... – colinh Dec 19 '18 at 7:47

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