I have these lines in a script:

" go to start of file and search until the end
call cursor([1,1])
let moreLinesToGo = v:true
let b:qtags = []

while (moreLinesToGo)
  " search for lines like ":344f:", ":2:", ":234hello:"
  let lineWithTag = search('^:\d\{1,4\}\a*:$')

  if lineWithTag == 0
    let moreLinesToGo = v:false
    let qtag = getbufline(bufname('.'), lineWithTag)
    " put only the numbers into b:qtags, e.g. "344", "2", "234"
    let b:qtags += [matchstr(qtag, '\d\+')]


What happens that when I execute this file, ":344f:" is put into the list. However when I execute it manually (in cmdline mode), I get "344". How can this happen? '\d+' seems to match everything??

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The problem is that getbufline(...) returns a list of lines. In your case the list only contains one element. Then the second to last line from :help matchstr() is important:

When {expr} is a List then the matching item is returned.

Use let qtag = getline(lineWithTag) instead.

Another idea:

let b:myTags=map(filter(getline(1, line('$')), { idx, val -> match(val, '^:\d\{1,4\}\a*:$') >= 0 } ), { idx, val -> matchstr(val, '\d\+')})
  • getline(1, line('$')) returns a list containing all lines in the file
  • filter(...) filters the list with the given lambda
  • map(...) maps the entries to only contain the matched digits.
  • @hgiesel Could you accept this answer or is additional clarification needed?
    – Ralf
    Jan 11, 2019 at 10:11

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