I've got a sick terminal colorscheme, and i'm using vim-one colorscheme for neovim, what i'd like to do is stop it from changing the background color (since i like my terminals background color more)

i don't have my terminals background color i was hoping i could just make neovim not change it. i can find it if need be but i'd rather neovim just does not change it

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If the background is changing, then the colorscheme is changing it. You can either choose a colorscheme that doesn't do that, or try overriding the colorscheme.

autocmd ColorScheme * highlight Normal ctermbg=NONE guibg=NONE

The colorscheme may be designed around a particular background color, though, and there may be other highlight groups which need adjustment.

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    bg=NONE caused an error for me, i removed it now it works fine, thanks! – peep Dec 10 at 23:34
  • @peep Fixed, thanks – jamessan Dec 11 at 14:47

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