Some time ago, I added the following line to ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/sh.vim to make working with parameter expansions easier:

setlocal iskeyword+=$

This is nice to be able to e.g. yssiw" via surroud.vim to surround a parameter expansion in quotes.


However, I've noticed that when doing keyword-local completion (i_<C-n>), typing $partial_var_name will not complete to full_var_name unless $full_var_name is also present in the file already. This I sort of expect.

I would like to fix it.

Attempted Solution

I tried the following (there is no CompleteStart event, unfortunately):

 " Fix keywords
 setlocal iskeyword+=$

augroup sh_ftplugin
  au MenuPopup setlocal iskeyword-=$
  au CompleteDone setlocal iskeyword+=$
augroup END

It did not work.


My question is thus, how can I make insert-mode completion work the way I would like?

My thoughts

  • by ignoring iskeyword in completion,
  • modifying it during completion
  • defining a text object for parameter expansions—neat plugin idea, by the way
  • changing how I use iskeyword as a last resort (that is, removing $ permanently)

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