Assume I am inside a function and currently in visual mode (mode() returns v or V or "\<c-v>", such as when you run vmap-expr)

How can I quit the visual mode? Should I call feedkeys("\<esc>", 'ni')?

How to run a mapping in the visual mode, like 4> to indent the lines 4 times. It seems normal 4> does not work.

  • > already works in visual mode, what you need the mapping for? – Christian Brabandt Nov 23 '18 at 11:53
  • I need to do a lot of other things after indentation. The question is actually general: how to type some keystroke or execute a visual mapping <Plug>xxx in function in visual mode. – Liu Sha Nov 23 '18 at 11:57
  • so have you tried using xmap? – Christian Brabandt Nov 23 '18 at 12:27
  • I have some vmaps that calls functions. I use something like vmap ,x :<C-U>call MyFunc()<CR>. Inside the function I could do normal gv4>. See help gv. How do you call your function? – Ralf Nov 25 '18 at 11:30
  • @Ralf : makes you in normal mode. I use vmap <express> Func() so that I am still in visual mode(). Or it is because I did “normal gv “. – Liu Sha Nov 25 '18 at 11:37

Instead of another comment:

As far as I understand you want to work with vmap <expr> Like mapping ," to a function:

vmap <expr> ," MyFunction()

In this case the the function has to return the keystrokes that should be executed by Vim. Lets assume you want to surround visually selected text with something (function hardly tested):

function! ExecSurround(pre, post)
    let mode = mode()
    if(mode == "V")
        " line: Put it above and below the selected lines
        return "V`>o" . a:post . "\e`<O" . a:pre . "\e"
    elseif(mode == "\<C-V>")
        " block: Put it before and after selection on every line
        return "A" . a:post . "\egvI" . a:pre . "\e"
        " char: put it before first and after last char
        return "v`>a" . a:post . "\e`<i" . a:pre . "\e"

vmap <expr> ," ExecSurround('"', '"')

As far as I understand :help :map-expression, the things you can do in the function are limited. You have to return the keystrokes, that change your text.

As said in my comment, I would choose another way:

function! Surround(pre, post)
    let mode = visualmode()
    if(mode == "V")
        call execute("normal `>o" . a:post . "\e`<O" . a:pre . "\e")
    elseif(mode == "\<C-V>")
        call execute("normal gvA" . a:post . "\egvI" . a:pre . "\e")
        call execute("normal `>a" . a:post . "\e`<i" . a:pre . "\e")

vmap ," :<C-U>call Surround('"', '"')<CR>

That way you are not limited by the restrictions from "map-expression" and could easily add additional functionality.

Whatever you want to do might be more complex than this, but perhaps it helps to go on.

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