I want to append every value of list1 in every value of list2, so that this:

let list1 = ['one', 'two', 'three']
let list2 = [' wan', ' tu', ' tri']

will become like this:

:echo result
['one wan', 'two tu', 'three tri']

How could this be done?


I don't like loops -- they are slow and a pain to debug as there is no "continue until the end of the current loop"

:echo map(range(len(list1)), 'list1[v:val].list2[v:val]')

Note: a zip() function is missing, but it can be emulated if we produce a range of indexes into both arrays. We could also simply transform a copy of list1 and use v:key (Vim 7.2.???) for looping over indices, but I prefer range(len(list1))


Because you want to ":echo result", my way would be straightforward: :let result = list1 :map(result, 'result[v:key].list2[v:key]') :echo result

(Because map() does in-place replacement, it requires a little trick for one-liner, like @LucHermitte's answer.)

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