I am trying to replace all quotes (") with escaped quotes (\") and simultaneously all escaped quotes with normal quotes.

I found the following solution to a similar problem here for swapping 'foo' to 'bar' and vice versa:


but I cannot translate it to my particular case.

The problem being that every escaped quote contains also a normal quote.

Looking forward to your suggestions.

PS: I want to avoid first replacing all escaped quotes with a different (and hopefully unique) pattern, then replacing all remaining normal quotes with escaped quotes, and then replacing the different pattern with normal quotes - but rather do it in one go.

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I was able to use the method you found without issue. Perhaps you missed something with the escaping.


I "escape the escape" in the substitution pattern but not in the dictionary since the latter uses single quotes within which the text is interpreted literally.

Update: FYI, you can simplify the pattern a little, in this particular case, by using \\\?" (though that strays from the generalized solution that you found).

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