I currently have

nnoremap <leader> G

in my .vimrc so I can go to line 123 by typing 123<leader>.

However, since I have other leader combinations, such as <leader>u, the line jump happens only after a second.

I know how to reduce this timeout, but I don't really want to do that since it would make it harder for me to use <leader>u when I actually want to.

I would also be happy to type <leader>123 if that is easier to accomplish.

  • That key mapping is not working for me. How is it supposed to work? – pfnuesel Oct 23 at 23:40

You may do nnoremap <leader><leader> G.

Then just type the linenumber and double click the leaderkey.

You can use map <nowait> to stop receiving more keys and execute the map immediately. see :h map-nowait>.

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