Are there simple tweaks that I can visual select everything with in a pair of fold markers? Just like what vi" will do for a pair of double quotes. Preferably vi plus some other keys.

  • Not the neatest but zc to close the fold then yy will yank the fold contents. If your foldmethod is marker it will select the markers as well – Steve Oct 16 at 3:02
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    There is an example for a fold text object in the wiki – Christian Brabandt Oct 16 at 7:55

What you are looking for is called a "text-object" in Vim terminology and you can find the list of these text-objects at :h text-objects. As you can see there is not a built-in text-object for the folds.

However you might be interested in this plugin: vim-textobj-user. It allows you to define your own text-objects easily.

Note that if you don't want to use a plugin you can simply use an operator pending mode mapping (see :h omap-info).

  • You will find in the wiki of vim-textobj-user the plugin vim-textobj-fold which defines iz and az for you. However, I would have expected that iz does not select the fold markers. But it does. The difference is described in the docs. Luckily, there is a pull request and a fork which modify iz to ignore fold marker lines: kana/vim-textobj-fold/pull/8 and somini/vim-textobj-fold – Hotschke Oct 21 at 6:20

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