I have a very weird situation with my tags file not working as expected. My tag file is sorted case-insensitively (starts with !_TAG_FILE_SORTED\t2\t/foldcase/), and ignorecase is set.

When I put my cursor over Word_I_Am_Looking_For and hit CTRL-] I get E257: cstag: tag not found. However when I type :ta /<C-W> to fill out :ta /Word_I_Am_Looking_For it finds my tag no problem.

To diagnose the issue I opened the tag file itself and jumped to the line in question. When I turned on set list I saw: Word_I_Am_Looking_For^I/path/to/word/i/am/looking/for^I/\%123l\%456c/$ which looks right to me.

What is causing vim to miss the tag?

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