I would like to make Vim behave a little more like the less(1) pager: if I scroll to the bottom of the document (e.g. using Ctrl-F), I want the last line of the file to be displayed at the bottom of the screen, not any higher. Is there a setting that will get me this behavior?

If there isn’t a setting, I imagine I could rig up some kind of mapping where Ctrl-F behaves like Gzb when the last line is visible after scrolling. But of course a built-in setting would be preferable!

(This is sort of the opposite of this question and this question.)

  • The vimscript code I provided in this answer could be modified to produce the desired window scrolling. @OP, if you want, I can take a stab at it and provide an answer here.
    – dsimic
    Sep 1, 2023 at 17:30

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There is a workaround to achieve this:

:set scrolloff=999

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