I want to do filter through an external program without actually filtering the lines (but to keep them). For example :

%!grep aa > newfile

If I do this, all the lines are deleted and I need to do undo

There is a more neat way to run an external program with args without changing the current buffer?


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I think you’re looking for :help :write_c. Try this:

:w !grep aa > newfile

@Rich answered your question very well. However, judging by your example you may want to look into :vimgrep/:grep.

:vimgrep /pat/ %
:grep 'pat' %

Both :vimgrep & :grep will put the results into the quickfix list. Here are a few quickfix list commands to get you up and running fast:

  • Use :cnext and :cprev to move between your errors/matches. I suggest you map these commands.
  • :cfirst and :clast to go to the first and last error/matches respectively.
  • :copen to open up the quickfix list in a window (:cclose to close)
  • :cwindow to open quickfix list window only if there are errors
  • :cc to display the current error/match.
  • Use :cdo {cmd} to run a command, {cmd} on each quickfix entry.
  • You can use % on the command-line to supply the current filename.

Vimcast episodes:

See the following Vimcasts episode:

For more help see the following:

:h quickfix
:h :cnext
:h :cfirst
:h :cope
:h :cwindow
:h :cc
:h :cdo
:h :_%
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    Thanks. It is just an example. But helpful answer. +1 for vimcasts :)
    – eyal karni
    Sep 4, 2018 at 18:29

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