This can be super simple stuff but i am not able to figure it out, i have to mappings in my config file

nnoremap gh ^
nnoremap gl g_

These mappings work just fine and behave as expected when i use them in normal mode, but as soon as i combine them with yank command like ygl to yank the text from cursor to last non-white space character and same way ygh to first non-white space character, it simply does not work.

Am i missing something here ?

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Mappings are of different types. The ones you have mapped are normal mode mappings. And the ones that you claim not to work are operator-pending mode mappings. I suggest you take a look at :h vim-modes.

So, put these in your $MYVIMRC, to get operator-pending mode mappings, to work as you asked:

onoremap gh ^
onoremap gl g_

Notice, the only change is the letter o from n which, unsurprisingly, indicates operator-pending mode while n indicates normal mode.

For better flexbility, I suggest you also map visual mode mappings, like this:

xnoremap gh ^
xnoremap gl g_

These will work when you are in visual-selection mode. Note that, there are two kinds of mappings in visual mode mappings, visual mode and select mode. And I suggest, you nearly always use select mode mappings with letter x in your config. If you want to know more, here is a q/a thread.

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