I have two opening buffers and one has foldenable and foldmethod=indent, other has nofoldenable and foldmethod=syntax.

I need that when I move between buffers, each buffer has it own fold settings and for example a buffer keeps folded even I move to other buffer that has nofoldenable

Can we achieve this?

Vim 8.1 / Archlinux

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If by move between buffers you mean -- doing it with a single window (no splits) then the only(?) option is to use autocommands. As an example:

augroup fold_params | au!
    au BufRead,BufNewFile *.py :setl fdm=indent | setl foldenable
    au BufRead,BufNewFile *.c :setl fdm=syntax | setl nofoldenable
augroup end

Options foldmethod and foldenable are local to window so you have to redefine them as soon as you open other file/buffer in the same window.


We can achieve this by set setlocal for python file and nofoldenable in global in .vimrc.

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