I'm wondering, if there's a way to move with % in CMakeLists.txt files between foreach and endforeach, if and endif, function and endfunction, …

googeling I only found plugins that allow calling cmake from within vim, but not for editing CMakeLists.txt files.

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You can achieve this easily using either the plugin matchit (distributed with vim, just use packadd! matchit) or match-up (external plugin). The latter provides enhanced text objects and also enables highlighting of the words.

To define the matches for cmake, create a file .vim/after/ftplugin/cmake.vim containing:

if exists('loaded_matchit')
    let b:match_words = '\<if\>:\<elseif\>\|\<else\>:\<endif\>'
      \ . ',\<foreach\>\|\<while\>:\<break\>:\<endforeach\>\|\<endwhile\>'
      \ . ',\<macro\>:\<endmacro\>'
      \ . ',\<function\>:\<endfunction\>'
    let b:match_ignorecase = 1

    let b:undo_ftplugin .= "| unlet b:match_words"

This should work with either plugin.


I didn't find an existing solution, but the way to implement that doesn't seem too hard. One needs the matchit plugin (cf https://vi.stackexchange.com/a/784/6044)

" in .vimrc
runtime macros/matchit.vim

And can then define b:match_words e.g. in .vim/ftplugin/cmake.vim

if exists("loaded_matchit")
  let b:match_words =  '^[^#]*\<if\>\s*(:^[^#]*\<else\>\s*(:^[^#]*\<elseif\>\s*(:^[^#]*\<endif\>\s*(\c'
  let b:match_words .= ',^[^#]*\<function\>\s*(:^[^#]*\<endfunction\>\s*(\c'
  let b:match_words .= ',^[^#]*\<foreach\>\s*(:^[^#]*\<endforeach\>\s*(\c'
  let b:match_words .= ',^[^#]*\<macro\>\s*(:^[^#]*\<endmacro\>\s*(\c'
  let b:match_words .= ',^[^#]*\<while\>\s*(:^[^#]*\<endwhile\>\s*(\c'

to be honest I bodged this quickly and didn't go through the entire matchit documentation, but so far it seems to do the job.

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    I added an answer which is a bit more up to date and includes an alternative plugn. Note you should not need ^[^#]* because comments are already excluded (I'm also not totally sure if you need the \s*(). You can use b:match_ignorecase instead of \c. packadd! matchit is the new style of enabling matchit.
    – Mass
    Commented Aug 29, 2018 at 16:40

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