If there is some text between quotations, such as

"x = 5"

I can type ci" in normal mode to delete the text inside the quotations and switch to insert mode.

I often want to perform this same action on text between two dollar signs, such as

$x = 5$

But typing ci$ has no effect. Is there a way to configure vim for treating dollar signs like quotations?

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If you want only $ to be a text object, then do the following

xnoremap i$ :<C-u> normal! T$vt$<CR>
onoremap i$ :normal vi$<CR>
xnoremap a$ :<C-u> normal!F$vf$<CR>
onoremap a$ :normal va$<CR>

This will add some more text objects in your vim config.

for s:char in [ '_', '.', ':', ',', ';', '<bar>', '/', '<bslash>', '*', '+', '%', '$' ]
  execute 'xnoremap i' . s:char . ' :<C-u>normal! T' . s:char . 'vt' . s:char . '<CR>'
  execute 'onoremap i' . s:char . ' :normal vi' . s:char . '<CR>'
  execute 'xnoremap a' . s:char . ' :<C-u>normal! F' . s:char . 'vf' . s:char . '<CR>'
  execute 'onoremap a' . s:char . ' :normal va' . s:char . '<CR>'

The four commands in the for loop will add operator-pending and visual mode mappings for each of the characters in the dictionary.

Put the above commands in your vimrc for consistent behavior over all sessions.

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    You can remove backticks: iirc vim already has support for them as text objects
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Commented Aug 15, 2018 at 12:50

If you do not mind installing a plugin, you have several options you can choose from

  1. vim-textobj-latex (depends on vim-textobj-user) defines i$ and a$
  2. vim-latex-objects defines im and am
  3. vimtex defines i$ and a$
  4. vim-sandwich defines ib and ab by default. However, vim-sandwich can easily be customized to provide i$ and a$. Add following to ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/tex.vim:

    silent! omap <unique> i$ <Plug>(textobj-sandwich-query-i)$
    silent! xmap <unique> i$ <Plug>(textobj-sandwich-query-i)$
    silent! omap <unique> a$ <Plug>(textobj-sandwich-query-a)$
    silent! xmap <unique> a$ <Plug>(textobj-sandwich-query-a)$

Note, the classic plugin vim-latex (github) (aka latex-suite) does not provide this text object.

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