I set option to meta have successfully mapped <m-left> <m-right> in iTerm by choosing to send escape sequence [1;5C and [1;5D when pressing alt-left and alt-right, but when I set alt-up and alt-down to [1;5A and [1;5B they still go behave like normal up and down keys. How could I let iTerm process alt-up and alt-down keys?

And also I coudn't use <MouseWheelUp> etc. key bindings to override iTerm's default scroll behavior (could perfectly override on macvim), it performs my mappings but also performs the default behavior which is to scroll the whole page 3 lines up/down, I now disabled iTerm's report mouse wheel events and enabled send arrow keys when in alternate screen mode, and it works and it runs what I mapped to the arrow keys, but when I press alt while scrolling it just stops (if I press alt + up/down it performs normal up/down), is there a way so I could get alt + scrolling working?


I'm wrong, I just fount that sending alt-left and alt-right as [1;5C and [1;5D doesn't trigger vim's m-left and m-right mappings, instead seems to be doing <c-left> like behaviors (which I also mapped it to). How could I make it apply?

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