System: gvim 8.1 1-116 / windows10

A file that I'd like to use modeline (enabled): # vim: ft=python but disable ale plugin that will trigger on save - the file contains some python codes.

Command that I'd like to run by vim before parse the file: :ALEDisable.

Here I just want to disbale ALE on a specific file that comes with clear declaration in modeline.


You've already solved your problem, but for the benefit of future readers, I'll paste a couple of bits from :help modeline:

No other commands than "set" are supported, for security reasons (somebody might create a Trojan horse text file with modelines).


Hint: If you would like to do something else than setting an option, you could define an autocommand that checks the file for a specific string. For example:

au BufReadPost * if getline(1) =~ "VAR" | call SetVar() | endif

And define a function SetVar() that does something with the line containing "VAR".

Similarly, you could use something like:

au BufReadPost your_file.conf AleDisable

Or you could remove the modeline altogether with an autocommand along the lines of:

au BufReadPost your_file.conf AleDisable | set ft=python

Silly me, I just want to have highlight of python while keep ft=conf because this is a note that contains python code, I'd like to have python code highlighted properly, so just set modeline: # vim: syntax=python I can achieve the purpose.

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