I run my make commands asynchronously in vim with the asyncrun plugin.

I use this code in my .vimrc to open the quickfix window automatically everytime I run an asynchronous make command in order to see the output.

augroup vimrc
    autocmd QuickFixCmdPost * botright copen 8
augroup END
nnoremap <leader>m :AsyncRun -cwd=<root> make<CR>

I usually don't want to jump into the quickfix window, but only open it and see the output. I couldn't find a way how to achieve this.

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I had the same thinking for a solution as the other answer here has (wincmd p). But I found it was not 100% reliable depending on what quickfix command type is being used.

If you have issues with that solution you might have some better luck with a solution that uses explicit window/buffer references. An easy approach is to save the current buffer name in a global variable and jump to its "buffer window number" after the QF command runs...

autocmd QuickFixCmdPre * let g:mybufname=bufname('%')
autocmd QuickFixCmdPost * botright copen 8 | exec bufwinnr(g:mybufname) . 'wincmd w'
  • @Jonas Cool. You're welcome.
    – B Layer
    Jul 21, 2018 at 3:53

Actually asyncrun has that feature. According to the document:

AsyncRun displays its output in quickfix window, so if you don't use :copen {height} to open quickfix window, you won't see any output. For convenience there is an option g:asyncrun_open for you.

So you just put this code :let g:asyncrun_open = 8 in your .vimrc.

When you press <leader>m, asyncrun will open quickfix window automatically. I've tested that it will only open the quickfix window but still focus you r current window. Enjoy~


Running wincmd p after the copen should work; you jump to the quickfix window and then right back to the window you were in e.g.

autocmd QuickFixCmdPost * botright copen 8 | wincmd p

see :h wincmd, :h CTRL-W_p

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