I just noticed that my current box with vim is missing a crucial feature, but I am unable to bring it back.

A long time ago I had a vim setup where I could press Ctrl+J (IIRC) and then my cursor would jump to the next occurance of <++>. Actually, this was sort of a template system where I could put a name between the + signs, to tell me/the user about the information that has to go there.

For instance I could copy paste the following text to any new document:

Hello <+name+>,
how are you today? I am feeling <+feeling+>.
Hope to hear from you soon

and then I could Ctrl+J and vim would jump to <+name+> in insert mode and with my typing I would overwrite <+name+>. Then I'd press Ctrl+J again and vim would jump to <+feeling+> in insert mode so that I could overwrite that and so on and so forth.

Does anybody know that functionality and how I can install it on my current machine? I am fairly certain I did not code that myself ...

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I remember two plugins with this feature:

  • vim-latex implements jump on <c-j>.
  • my lh-brackets plugin implements jump on <c-j> with vim, or on <m-del> with gvim -- default keybindings can be changed. mu-template that relies on lh-brackets exploits this feature to implement its placeholders.

PS: I don't provide here the underlying code as it's quite complex, and not that trivial to implement correctly.


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