Been really loving the asynchronous terminal in Vim 8. Sometimes I have a large amount of output in the terminal, and when I enter normal mode in the terminal and use gg to go to the top, I see that it is cut off. How can I increase the scrollback?

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See the option termwinscroll as documented at :help terminal-normal and :help termwinscroll.

'termwinscroll' 'twsl'  number  (default 10000)
        local to buffer
        {not in Vi}
        {not available when compiled without the
        |+terminal| feature}
Number of scrollback lines to keep.  When going over this limit the
first 10% of the scrollback lines are deleted.  This is just to reduce
the memory usage.  See |Terminal-Normal|.

Thus, you may increase the limit using for example,

set termwinscroll=40000

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