For example, I might accidentally type something like :WQ and I want it to work like :wq when a hit enter

Another case is where I am typing a longer command name, for example NERDTreeTabsClose. (Note that I have the settings ignorecase and smartcase set)

  1. I might start by typing :nerd and then hitting tab, which will auto complete to :NERDTree
  2. I might then type a little more so that the command mode shows :NERDTreetab and then I hit tab again.
  3. Because I have smart case on, the auto complete will not work. The ideal scenario would be for the auto complete to work

I would like to keep smartcase on, because that is useful for searches with /.

Is there a way to achieve the behaviour have described above


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You can dynamically toggle smartcase using autocmds, so when in a : command line, it is off and when in a / command line it is on:

" assumes set ignorecase smartcase
augroup dynamic_smartcase
    autocmd CmdLineEnter : set nosmartcase
    autocmd CmdLineLeave : set smartcase
augroup END

I've personally found https://github.com/thinca/vim-ambicmd to be fairly useful for long commands.

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