Given a file with multiple lines matching this pattern (apologies for the length!)

$this->execSQL('INSERT INTO `table_lowercase_and_underscores` (`id`, `field1`, `field2`, `field3`, `field4`, `field5`) VALUES (\'first-guuid-lowercase-numbers-hyphens\', \'guuid-lowercase-numbers-hyphens\', \'guuid-lowercase-numbers-hyphens\', 0, \'2018-04-09 03:58:59\', 0);');

I would like to visually select multiple of these lines and apply a macro or regex replacement to yield the following pattern below each target line:

$this->execSQL('DELETE FROM `table_lowercase_and_underscores` WHERE id =  \'first-guuid-lowercase-numbers-hyphens\';');

I know I can capture the first backtick contents with something like


And could grab the first match of \'something'\ into 2 capture groups, but how would I then get those into a new line following the first?

Would this be easier to tackle as a macro to duplicate the line and then replace a few parts?

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I think this can be done with just a :s:

:s/\v.{-}(`.{-}`).{-}(\\'.{-}\\').*/&\r$this->execSQL('DELETE FROM \1 WHERE id = \2;');/

The regex \v.{-}(.{-}).{-}(\\'.{-}\\').*:

  • enables very magic (\v)
  • uses lazy matching instead of greedy ({-})
  • matches the table name in the first group (`.{-}`), and the first GUID in the second (\\'.{-}\\'), by virtue of lazy matching.
  • covers the entire line.

So the replacement:

  • replaces the line with itself, followed by a newline (&\r)
  • and constructs the new query with the two groups.

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