I am connected to a Windows SSH server from a Linux client, on Windows I end up in a Powershell. For small,quick edits I use the official vim windows console binary. It seems to work without additional asset files.

Page-Up/Down works normally, cursors too, but when I scroll "past" the bottom or top of the screen one line at a time with the cursors, all lines but the current one get cleared, and I need to force a redraw with ^L to see them.

I suspect the fault here to not be with vim, but more with MS_OpenSSH/Powershell. However, I think this can be fixed by vim, by hooking something into the event that gets called when the entire page needs to be refreshed.

  • There's no autocommand for "when scrolling". There's one for moving the cursor, but that'll happen horizontally as well. Maybe map ^L to your vertical cursor movement keys? Or does it happen when you move multiple lines as well (say, for example, with { or } ) – Wolfie May 14 '18 at 23:03

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