Recently I have been documenting a lot of code which are usually in markdown files (.md). And I frequently come across texts where I have to retype previously written word. Like,

cp file_1 file_2
mv -v file1 file2
git clone --bare repo_name repo_name.git
etc ...

Currently, I have been using the following sequence to achieve copying and pasting the previous word without using mouse:

some_word Esc+v+b+y+A+Esc+p+A rest of the sentence.

BUT this seems rather having to press more keys strokes than the word itself (< 8 strokes), and doesn't seems like a wise thing to do.

So the question,

  1. Is there a better way to achieving this using default VIM sequences. Kindly do not suggest key mapping unless there is no other alternative.
  2. Can I copy-paste text without leaving the vim insert mode?
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    so by previous word you mean the one immediately before the cursor? have you tried ctrl+p?
    – Mass
    May 2 '18 at 17:00
  • @Mass yes! And excellent answer. That's exactly I was looking for. Kindly post it in the answer with some cool info on this functionality. May 2 '18 at 17:04

One of the easiest ways to insert words from the buffer is using keyword completion. This is done using the keys CTRL+n and CTRL+p, or CTRL+x CTRL+n and CTRL+x CTRL+p in insert mode. The exact behavior depends on the options completeopt and complete, so I will assume you have set the defaults.

The difference between these is

  1. CTRL+p targets words before the cursor ("previous") and CTRL+n targets words after the cursor ("next") and

  2. using CTRL+x first targets the current buffer only but without CTRL+x it targets all buffers. This behavior can be changed using complete (see :help 'complete').

Thus, by default, to insert the word before the cursor you merely need to type CTRL+p or CTRL+x CTRL+p once. The latter may be slightly faster if you have many buffers open.

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