I use something like zoomwintab to zoom in/out of a single window view, using tabs to simulate the effect.

It exposes a toggle function to zoom in on a single window, and to zoom back out to the orginal layout.

If I'm zoomed in and I quit (rather than toggle), I want to return to the original layout, but with that window removed.

To achieve this, I'm recording the unique window id the zoom originated from,

let origin_win = win_getid()
" ...zoom in... (elided)
let s:origin_wins[win_getid()] = origin_win

and using that to determine which window I need to quit in addition to the current one.

augroup Zoo
  au QuitPre * if s:zoomed_win_only() | call s:quit_origin() | endif
augroup END

func! s:quit_origin() abort
  let og = s:get_origin()

  if s:exists(og)
    let i = win_getid()
    call win_gotoid(og) | quit
    call win_gotoid(i)

I'm very happy with it, but I think it could be improved if there was a way to quit a specific window by its id. That way I could avoid the need to switch to the origin window, quit it, and switch back to the zoomed window I'm about to quit.

Is there a cleaner way I might do this?

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You can retrieve the window number (as opposed to the window ID) and then use wincmd to close:

let winnr = win_id2win(og)
if winnr > 0
    execute winnr.'wincmd c'

Keep in mind this won't work if the window isn't in the current tab page.

  • For my use-case, the window is always going to be in a different tab, unfortunately.
    – ivan
    Apr 16, 2018 at 3:15

Recent vim includes win_execute() which works across tabpages.

call win_execute(og, 'close')

Beware of changes fired by autocmds from the vimhelp:

The window will temporarily be made the current window, without triggering autocommands. When executing {command} autocommands will be triggered, this may have unexpected side effects. Use |:noautocmd| if needed.

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