I am building my statusline. Previously I used functions to return information, but recently I learnt that these can be done in one line. For example:

set statusline+=%{&modified?'\ \ [+]':''}

I need to find if file is readonly or non-modifiable, like the example above. Right now I have:

set statusline+=%{&readonly?'\ ':''}\ 

But I need something like this:

set statusline+=%{(&readonly || !&modifiable)?'\ ':''}\ 

But I get an error: unclosed expression sequence. What's the situation here?


The full error gives you a hint as to the problem:

E540: Unclosed expression sequence: statusline=%{(&readonly

You cannot include unescaped space characters in :set commands, because Vim interprets them as the end of the setting. (See :h option-backslash.)

The quickest solution is to escape your space characters (or just remove them! (&readonly||!&modifiable) will evaluate fine), but I prefer to use :let:

let &statusline .= '%{(&readonly || !&modifiable) ? " " : ""} '

(See :h :let-option)

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