Part of setting in my .vimrc.

cat .vimrc
autocmd FileType txt setlocal omnifunc=CompleteMonths 
fun! CompleteMonths(findstart, base)
  if a:findstart
    " locate the start of the word
    let line = getline('.')
    let start = col('.') - 1
    while start > 0 && line[start - 1] =~ '\a'
      let start -= 1
    return start
    " find months matching with "a:base"
    let res = []
    for m in split("Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec")
      if m =~ '^' . a:base
    call add(res, m)
    return res

Now edit a test.txt file in vim. Input J and press <c-x><c-o> ,why no month complete menu pop up?

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You need to change your autocmd to

autocmd FileType text set omnifunc=CompleteMonths

The file type for .txt files is text not txt and omnifunc is already local to the buffer (see :h 'omnifunc')

You also need to make sure that you have a line like this in your vimrc to be sure that the filetype is set:

filetype plugin on

With these modifications on your vimrc, the completion works on my setup.

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