When I open a ruby based file (.rb,.erb) in nvim, it causes my whole laptop to slow down!

This seems to be caused by sheerun/vim-polyglot that I use for syntax highlighting, specifically the ruby module.

Any one have a better option or a way to fix this?

nvim config


It seems that if ruby path is not set correctly during vim compilation, it slows down vim when editing ruby files, check this post.

Also, using old regex engine (set re=1) rather than the new one speed things up apparently.

  • Whilst this didn't completly solve the issue, it did noticeably speed things up! Specifically I used: let g:ruby_path = system('echo $HOME/.rbenv/shims') to manually set the ruby path so I wouldn't have to re-compile neovim. I'll set this as the answer as this does explain the issue and provide a partial solution (maybe a complete one?).
    – Thermatix
    Apr 11 '18 at 9:16

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