I think this should be a quick answer, but I can't figure it out from :help location-list and my Google searches seem to highlight that I may not know the correct terms to look for.

For the sake of this scenario, lets say I'm using syntastic to run hlint on a Haskell file, and it's adding things to the location-list.

In my .vimrc, I have set nowrap on (that's the way I like it) but I am imagining that since the location-list is a separate pane that I could probably target it with something akin to autocmd [???] location-list set wrap.

Is there a way? (I would especially appreciate a link to the docs about this because I think that might help me grok stuff inthe future.)

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You can indeed use an autocommand:

augroup MyStuff
  autocmd FileType qf setlocal wrap
augroup END

This will affect the quickfix window, too, but I presume that would be desirable.

You can find a sort of oblique reference to this in the documentation by opening :help location-list and then searching for filetype.

Even better, use Vim's after directory. Create a file:


With the contents:

setlocal wrap

This is documented in :help after-directory and, perhaps more relevantly, in :help ftplugin-overrule.

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