I have the following vimscript:

let g:base_path="~/.config/nvim/"
let g:plugins_path=base_path."plugins/"
let g:repos_path=plugins_path."repos/github.com/"

set runtimepath+=g:repos_path."Shougo/dein.vim"

But it's doing something weird, instead of seeing a path at the end, I'm seeing this:


It's adding this to the end:


instead of


Why is vim not adding the path to the end correctly and also why is this happening?

EDIT: The only way to get this to work is to use the fullpath without any quotes like this:

set runtimepath+=~/.config/nvim/plugins/repos/github.com/Shougo/dein.vim

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After reading this:

let &backupdir=s:vimetc.'backups/'

I realised what I needed to do was this:

let &runtimepath=&runtimepath.','.g:repos_path."Shougo/dein.vim"

I have to say, vim script can be a bit inconsistent, using bare strings works fine but without it you need to some some weird stuff to get it to work if you want to use variables.

  • There is no inconsistency, setting an option and letting a variable are very different things. vim offers an interface to options as variables, by prepending &. let &runtimepath.=','.g:repos_path.'Shougo/dein.vim' would also have worked.
    – Mass
    Commented Mar 26, 2018 at 23:50

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