Is the effective default value for titlestring documented somewhere? By effective, I mean the one that displays $(basename) ($(dirname)) (m of n) - GVIM1 or ... ((m) of n), even though titlestring is "actually" empty (so I guess it's some hard-coded default somewhere).

The reason is that I would like to change the m of n part to use the buffer list rather than the argument list (the latter being quite confusing when one frequently uses e.g. :bd), but keep the rest. Yes, I could probably work it out by fully reading the docs on statusline, but I'm trying to avoid that...

  • this question could be read in two ways: "what is the exact format of the default title?," which would have to be an explanation of the c code, or "which titlestring most closely emulates vim's default title formatting?" – Mass Mar 15 '18 at 23:28
  • I am looking for something that can be emulated by setting titlestring (but with some modifications), so the second interpretation is correct. – antony Mar 15 '18 at 23:32

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