while coding in vim I use often special comment to denote section of the file. For example in C it is

//;; some title 1
//;; some title 2

I have also configured a shortcut to print with a global command (g/.../p) all such entries in the file.

The output print looks like

16 //;; some title 1
32 //;; some title 2

then I just type : and the line number to jump directly to the line.

Although I am quite satisfied with it, it would be much faster If i could navigate in this list like a mini buffer and then select the entry.

As I use fzf in vim I was thinking about creating a vim list to input to fzf. However the idea got much harder to implement as expected.

Is there some easier way to do it?

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This seems like a pretty good use-case for the location list, so here is one "vanilla vim" solution:

:lvimgrep '\V//;;' % | lopen

You can make a mapping or a command around this.

Breakdown: lvimgrep loads the location list with lines matching //;; (we use \V to make it easier to enter this pattern), from the current file (%). Then we open the location list using lopen.

You can also use :lnext and :lprev (among other commands) to navigate between positoins.

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