I have two shell commands which I want to run. However I only want to run the second one if the first one was successful. For simplicity let the commands be ls and ls. I can call then once at a time manually, no problem.

:terminal ls
Home Documents ...
:terminal ls
Home Documents ...

But if I combine them, it breaks completely.

:terminal ls && ls
ls: cannot access '&&': No such file or directory
ls: cannot access 'ls': No such file or directory

From the buffer name it looks like it is calling :!ls && ls as it should. However !ls && ls gives the desired result for me, and :terminal ls && ls doesn't.

Can anybody explain this?

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you need a shell to parse &&.

try :terminal bash -c "ls && ls"

without a shell ls will see all the arguments, including && and ls and will hence fail

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