I am sorry for the rather fuzzy title of my question. I am working on some text, which I take from web-page and try to annotate it with LaTeX commands using Vim.

How can I write in Vim following pattern:

dot line-break 2spaces capital letter

I have to search through the text to replace it. Thank you!


To match a dot followed by a new line beginning with two spaces and one capital letter you can use



\.        Matches a literal .
\n        is a new line
\s        is a whitespace
\{2}      is exactly 2 occurences of the previous atom (i.e. \s)
[A-Z]     is a capital letter between A and Z
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  • Slightly shorter with \u instead of [A-Z], e.g. \.\n\s\{2}\u – Peter Rincker Mar 7 '18 at 15:22

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