I am using Vim, and somehow the Vim doesn't refresh display properly. enter image description here

For example, I use set cursorline and move to the next time, the remnant of the cursorline remains. Same goes to when I type:, the bottom panel is supposed to be cleared, but the text remained there, which is really annoying. I also tried vim -U NONE -u NONE -N but it didn't solve the problem either. My system is xterm and vim is able to detect the right xterm. I am at a loss as to how to fixed the problem.

I did find a temporary solution, that is type :!clear in Vim, which will keep Vim functional for the session, but it's annoying that I have do this every time I go to vim. Just wondering if there is a better solution.

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I find the solution. Basically it's an encoding issue. For some reason my Vim doesn't work with UTF-8, so I set my system LANG to ASCII, now everything works just fine. In case anyone runs into similar problem, tinker your encoder setting, which might help.

  • What was your LANG set to before? What's the output of :echo has('multi_byte') in Vim? Also, what is the value of :verbose set encoding with the two different LANG settings?
    – Rich
    May 3, 2018 at 9:57

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