I am trying to do a search and replace in vim (rather, gvim) and keep getting stuck up trying to separate words.

I need to convert something like this:


To this:

(COND ASEL=1'b1 && ASELb=1'b0 || XOR=1'b1 || XORb=1'b1 (

Basically, every occurrence of these 'words' has to be changed this way:

~ABC --> ABC=1'b0
 ABC --> ABC=1'b1

I have tried something like this to do it but can't get the pattern to match:


The idea behind this was to do one 'word' at a time by separating it out in \2 above and then printing \1 and \3 as is with \2=1'b0 or \2=1'b1.

And then take care of the rest, like '&' going to '&&', removing the '<..>' at the ends in the subsequent commands.

What am I doing wrong here? Is there a better way to go about this?

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see if this works...


#step 1
(COND <ASEL=1'b1&~ASELb|XOR=1'b1|~XORb> (

#step 2
(COND <ASEL=1'b1&ASELb=1'b0|XOR=1'b1|XORb=1'b0> (

#step 3
s/[&|]/ && /g
(COND <ASEL=1'b1 && ASELb=1'b0 || XOR=1'b1 || XORb=1'b0> (

#step 4
(COND ASEL=1'b1 && ASELb=1'b0 || XOR=1'b1 || XORb=1'b0 (
  • \v is very magic mode so that (), + etc doesn't need to be escaped
  • \zs to set start of match

as one-liner

s/\v[<&|]\zs\u+/&=1'b1/g | s/\v[<&|]\zs\~(\u+b)/\1=1'b0/g | s/[&|]/ && /g | s/[<>]//g

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